The Road to Ginza

PAÑPURI has a longstanding affinity with Japan. Rooted in Asian botanicals and therapies with emphasis on the organic and natural, it is but a natural progression for PAÑPURI to make Japan a second home. Having been in the Japanese market since 2004, through its counters in select department stores and organic lifestyle shops, PAÑPURI has showcased its range of bath and body, skincare and home ambiance masterpieces, and exclusive services that underscore the brand’s advocacy for a natural and organic wellness lifestyle.

Continuing with its global expansion and strengthening its presence within prestigious retail destinations, PAÑPURI unveils one of its most opulent addresses to date – Ginza Six. Billed as “the biggest retail facility in Ginza”, this prestigious landmark plays home to PAÑPURI’s flagship store – PAÑPURI Signature Store – and first PAÑPURI Oasis in Japan.

Here’s a look at PAÑPURI’s milestones in Japan before launching the newest addition to its Japanese portfolio:


2004 was when PAÑPURI opened for the very first time. The then-BPQC floor of Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo saw the first PAÑPURI pop-up store.


In a country that reveres the bath as a soulful ritual, PAÑPURI’s milk bath and massage oils officially created a wave of Japanese fans.


Umeda played home to PAÑPURI’s first expedition to Osaka, imparting Japan’s south westerners a unique approach to natural beauty and wellness.

Credit: David Stanley


PAÑPURI’s signature blends of jasmine and lemongrass introduce themselves to the new generation of Japanese PAÑPURI fans.


Japan Airlines in-flight shopping experience started to include PAÑPURI’s bestselling hand creams. All Nippon Airways soon followed thereafter.

Credit: Andrew W. Sieber


“As we unveil our first signature store in Japan, we open a new chapter for the brand and our Japanese fans as we instill in them a unique approach to beauty and wellness that is organic, result-oriented and sensorially delightful.” – Vorravit Siripark

In this iconic and prestigious location, the PAÑPURI Signature Store Ginza Six creates a distinctive and contemporary retail concept that embodies minimalistic, organic and timeless aesthetics through its clean, comfortable and sophisticated ambiance. Featuring refined interiors that employ an amalgam of wood, steel and stone, the store is enhanced with naturally matte lime stone and black marble that emphasize the journey through the space. The lighting sets a welcoming, soothing tone, as it gently mirrors on light travertine wood, stainless steel and light gold, making each visit to the store alone a sumptuous experience.

Situated at the beauty and wellness floor (B1F), the PAÑPURI Signature Store Ginza Six occupies 70 square meters of immersive retail space, including the first PAÑPURI Oasis in Japan—a spa treatment room designed as a quick escape and rejuvenation from the bustle of metropolitan Tokyo.