Postcards from Ginza

Synonymous with wealth, luxury and all things shiny and ritzy, Ginza is a fascinating Tokyo alcove that delights the senses. Experience Ginza by strolling the streets and soaking in the sights and sounds.


While the nightlife of Osaka and the splendor of both Kyoto and Nara often take centerstage when travelers talk about Kansai, Kobe though overlooked at times, offers a different brand of beauty. And if you need more reasons to frequent this must-visit strip tucked between mountains and the sea, here’s a few to get you settled into a Kobe state of mind.

A world-renowned upscale shopping, dining and entertainment district, Ginza showcases the latest trends while being in harmony with Japanese traditions. This vibrant locale is also popular as an art haven with theaters and galleries that abound. The Kabuki-za theater within the vicinity enables locals and tourists alike to enjoy the world of kabuki. A plethora of sophisticated culinary hotspots serving first-class Japanese cuisine is the perfect way to cap a Ginza day-out.

Anti-melancholic metallic dreams / Credit: OiMax

Fractured reflections / Credit: Takumi Yoshida

Right where the action is / Credit: alq666

Of landmarks and façades / Credit: moriakimitsuru

Playing dress-up / Credit: matt smith

Where tradition meets technology / Credit: veroyama

Feast for the eyes / Credit: shuets udono

All that glitters / Credit: Max Talbot-Minkin

Ginza nightscape / Credit: Antonio Tajuelo

Rush hour / Credit: Tagosaku