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Holiday Dining Guide in Bangkok

PAÑPURI’s curated year-end guide to holiday eating in Bangkok.


Bo.lan Essentially Thai

As food is heavily attached to the Land and its people, the beloved Bo.lan was founded on the belief that the best Thai restaurant should be found in Thailand. By utilizing the abundance of natural resources and incorporating the geographical diversity Thailand offers, Bo.lan constantly strives to serve Thai food at its very best, taking full advantage of the fresh and seasonal produce available in the country. This practice also underlies its Slow food philosophy in promoting biodiversity of both wild and cultivated produce—now, that’s conscious eating at its optimum.

Chef Recommends:
• Classical Central-plain Shrimp Paste Relish with Traditional Accompaniments
• Southern Duck Egg Relish with Local Greens

Available at Sukhumvit 53 T. +66 (0) 2 260 2962


Err Urban Rustic Thai

Monocle describes Err Urban Rustic Thai as “A Thai Izakaya”, and all for a very good reason. Err Urban Rustic Thai‘s menu focuses on in-house preserved food made from quality Thai ingredients. A proud lover of the art of fermentation, Err happily utilizes several Asian influences mostly deeply rooted in Thai culinary culture. Proudly showing off what Thailand has to offer while maintaining a close relationship with local farmers and artisans within Thailand, Err is located in one of the older areas of town, a stone throw from Wat Po and the Flower Market.

Chef Recommends: Grilled Northern Style Garlic and Sticky Rice-cured Pork

Available at Maharaj Rd, Tatien T. +66 (0) 2 622 2291


Nara and Apinara

Nara and Apinara are the renowned Thai restaurants famous amongst Thai, expatiates and international guests who like to experience authentic Thai cuisine. The dishes at Nara and Apinara offer intensity of taste and flavor presented in a simple uncomplicated style. Evoking a sense of culture as well as comfort, Nara combines the highest quality ingredients and age-old recipes—the result is a restaurant where anybody with a passion for Thai food can experience authenticity at its finest.

Chef Recommends:
• Lamb Shank Massaman Sweet Coconut Curry;
• Duck Breast with Foie Gras and Tamarind Sauce

Nara Erawan Bangkok,L/F @ Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel +66 (0) 2 250 7707-8
Nara CentralWorld,7/F@ CentralWorld  +66 (0) 2 613 1658-9
Nara Central Embassy, 5/F@ Central Embassy +66 (0) 2 160 5988-90
Nara Emquartier,7/F@ Helix,EmQuartier +66 (0) 2 003 6258-9 
Apinara,2/F @ Groove, CentralWorld +66 (0) 2 252 0063-4


Sava Dining Room

Born out of founder Polpat Asavaprapha’s memories of affectionate childhood filled with laughter and amazing food, fine dining with his family, and his parents conjuring up hearty meals from whatever loitered at home to satisfy his late-night hungers, Sava’s elemental combinations focus on time-tested foundations while adding extra special factors that invoke adventurous curiosity. The thoughtful process of Sava gourmet journey transpires innovative dishes from Omelette and Rice topped by Sea Urchin, Spaghetti with Kapi shrimp paste served with “Moo-Hong”, and Chinese Five Spice Stewed Pork Belly that are signature to Sava.

Chef Recommends:
• Baked Garlic and Spice Clams in Crispy Puff Pastry Basket;
• Spaghetti with Kapi Shrimp Paste, White Wine Sauce, Chili and Shallot served with “Moo-Hong” Caramelized Pork Belly sprinkled with Pulverized Dried Shrimp

Available at 6 Fl. Helix EmQuartier T. +66 (0) 2 003 6208


Thai Lao Yeh

Across the lobby from the Joy Luck Club of the exquisite Cabochon Hotel is Thai Lao Yeh, made famous by its ever-popular Thai cuisine. A place to experience the less well-known Chiang Mai, E-San, and Laotian fares, Thai Lao Yeh’s interiors are crafted from 100-year old timber salvaged from a Thai village and painstakingly turned into a masterpiece. The restaurant sits 52 in the large open area, while original recipes combining the best of local cuisines are presented to tease the taste buds and satiate the appetites of gourmands.

Chef Recommends:
• Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon and Lemongrass & Stir Fried Young Pumpkin Leaves
• Thai Mango with Sticky Rice

Available at The Cabochon Hotel, Soi Sukhumvit 45 T. +66 (0) 2 259 2871


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