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Home Ambiance Candles


A celebration of femininity with powerful scents that inspire the senses

Femme Fatale Candles
A complete chef-d'oeuvre! PAÑPURI's Femme Fatale Collection comprises perfume candles and perfume travel candles which scents are inspired by femme fatale in history, literature and society.

Contains: Available in 300g and 50g, in 10 scents*

Asp Bite Perfume Candle
Cause Célèbre Perfume Candle
Eye of The Day Perfume Candle
Fortnight Hence Perfume Candle
Kyoto Riverbed Perfume Candle
Original Sin Perfume Candle
Slice Of Cake Perfume Candle
Southern Belle Perfume Candle
The Aviatrix Perfume Candle
Thousand Sails Perfume Candle


Signature Collection Botany Ambiance Candles
Inspired by tropical dawn, summer evenings, and sun‐drenched shores, the rich, mythical fragrant cultures of the East are captured in Pañpuri Home Ambiance range. The Signature Home Ambiance Collection is both exquisite and distinctive in its visual appearance and its power to evoke a nostalgic reminiscence of memorable moments of a particular place and time.

Contains: Available in 300g and 50g, in 5 scents*

Siamese Water Botany Ambiance Candle
Indochine Botany Ambiance Candle
Distant Shores Botany Ambiance Candle
Grand Manchou Botany Ambiance Candle
Velvet Blossoms Botany Ambiance Candle


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