The calm and the celebration meeting in perfect unison. Intricate, unique gifting rituals of the East marrying the panache and boldness of the West. Synchronizations of heartbeats and discoveries, celebrating the beginning of a new festive season.
Sunrise Lemon
Body Invigoration Set

Energizes with a burst of
citrus delight.

Black Jasmine
Body Respite Set

Envelops the skin with indulgence,
inspired by nature.

Ambiance Set

Diffuses a calming blend that
evokes a contemplative state.

Ambiance Set

Transports the mind and
spirit to a quiet place.

Ambiance Set

Fills the air with a comforting

Ultimate Hand Cream

An opulent hand cream set
to keep hands soft and moisturized.

Signature Collection
Hand Cream Trio

A luxurious hand cream set
ideal for people on the go.

Signature Collection
Organic Wash Bar Set

A thoughtful gift comprised
of Soil Association UK-certified
organic wash bars.

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