Passionate about creating delicate scents to set the mood for warm, relaxing ambiance, PAÑPURI imparts the elements to their bestselling botany ambiance candles.

The Wax

Employing sustainably-sourced, clean-burning, and hand-poured soy wax that contains no harmful dyes, paraffins, or toxic chemicals, PAÑPURI’s botany ambiance candles are fruits of precise expertise, guaranteeing 90 hours of burn time, zero contribution to indoor air pollution and and exceptional olfactory experiences.

The Wick

Free from use of lead, zinc, and other heavy metals that release dangerous amounts of toxins into the air, PAÑPURI’s cotton wicks are specifically chosen for their high-performance fibers and other natural materials engineered into a specially constructed braid, providing benefits of a self-trimming wick posture.

The Glass

Fire-blown and polished by hand, each PAÑPURI candle glass speak volumes about the minute luxurious artisan qualities that have become synonymous with the brand—the refined sophisticated texture, the homage to a bygone era, and the crest that features the Eastern peacock, one of nature’s finest architectural feats.

The Emblem

The Peacock, a signature PAÑPURI emblem, symbolizes the Divine self-purified, cleansed and realized. The breathtaking beauty of the peacockand its tail radiates a soft glowing light, filtering all negativity, symbolizing the mind, body and soul, as they unite together as one splendid array of light.

The Box

A decorative item by nature, the box is swathed in wood-free, recyclable paper that use environmentally-friendly soy ink in the printing process and embellished by light gold trimmings that convey elegance and sophistication.

The Blend

Exquisite and distinctive in its power to evoke a nostalgic reminiscence of memorable moments of a particular place and time, each blend is delicately crafted to embody the purest essence of seductive flowers, exotic spices and precious woods of the rich, mythical fragrant cultures of the East.

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