100% Natural & Organic Wellness Lifestyle

PAÑPURI is inspired by the belief that beauty and wellness are intertwined. Enriching the body and the soul through a 100% natural and organic wellness lifestyle, PAÑPURI promotes a fuller, balanced, more refined lifestyle, enabling one to naturally draw their own inner peace, individual health and authentic beauty.

PAÑPURI's values stand firmly in three pillars that best define why we do it, what we do and how we do it.

Connected Soul

Purveying result-driven modern wellness that nourishes both the skin and the soul, PAÑPURI connects all the five senses and nourishes from the inside. PAÑPURI environments are designed to create a sense of time, space and calm—a place to be nurtured and replenished.

Refined Harmony

Nature, art, science and heritage meet at the heart of PAÑPURI. Its formulations harness ancient philosophies and merge them with modern science to create real efficacy and artful blends. The result is a refined, authentic union of East and West, nature and science, then and now.

Mindful Organic

PAÑPURI marries the intricate art of natural and organic orientation with the authentic Eastern sensorial experience, without the use of toxic, synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. A truly luxurious, organic wellness experience, PAÑPURI respects the environment and the soil from which all of its ingredients are harvested from.

the harmony square

Apart from flowers, incense and candles, it is common to see gold leaves at temples and sacred shrines throughout Thailand. Pounded by hand into extremely thin sheets, it's then cut into small squares and placed inside a folded piece of paper. Several phrases and sayings are also universal, regardless of language and culture, such as this ritual: putting gold on the back of the Buddha, which in Thai would be transliterated somewhat to "bpit torng lang pra", meaning doing good deeds without seeking attention.

This age-old ritual has then paved the way for the signature PAÑPURI label, printed in gold and entrenched in all PAÑPURI products, mirroring the philosophy of purveying good without expectance."


PAÑPURI is a compound name derived from ancient Sanskrit literature. PANNA means wisdom in Thai while PURI refers to purity, discovery and is also a holy site of pilgrimage.

"PAÑPURI is where we awaken to the balance of our inner and outer selves and our environment." - Vorravit Siripark, founder and managing director

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