PURI Company Limited

As a leader in natural and organic skincare, bath and body, aromatherapy and personal care products and services, Puri Company Limited specializes in developing and distributing high-quality ranges and amenities for world-class brands and markets around the world. Puri Company Limited works meticulously with its clients, in seamless collaboration with offices in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Its comprehensive solution combines exquisite retail products, individually customized spa treatments, luxurious room amenities, design services, extensive marketing assistance and comprehensive training and support to enable its clients to offer the ultimate experience to their discerning clientele.

Puri Company Limited believes that it can best provide the service for its client needs by combining the strengths of its people together with the latest manufacturing technologies – setting a new standard for the industry. Its vision is to become the world’s leading company for Eastern-inspired, natural and organic well-being products and services.

Puri Company Limited is a complete one-stop shop for complete turn-key brand services. From formula development and packaging selection, to merchandising and branding, Puri Company Limited can easily guide its consumers and clients with the intricate process of developing unique skin, body and hair products ideal to their needs and targeted customer base.


Puri Co., Ltd.
Develops and manages the Group’s own premium brands, PAÑPURI and PAÑPURI Organic Spa.

Puri Alchemy Co., Ltd.
Develops and manages the Group’s business in contract manufacturing, professional bulk products, OEM, private labels and hotel amenities.

Aqua Puri Laboratories Co., Ltd.
The Group’s GMP-certified manufacturing facility responsible for R&D and manufacturing of the Group’s products.



Puri Co., Ltd.
For PAÑPURI and PAÑPURI Organic Spa

      • Natural and Organic Skincare, Bath & Body and Home Ambiance products
      • Organic Spa Treatment and Packages
      • Spa Consulting and Management

Puri Alchemy Co., Ltd.

      • OEM/ Private label contract manufacturing
      • Spa bulk products and hotel amenities
      • Customized product formulation and development
      • Packaging and design
      • Distribution consultation
      • Product registration

Aqua Puri Laboratories Co., Ltd.

      • Full range of skincare, hair care, personal care and aromatherapy products as well as antioxidant vitamins, natural oils and other compounds
      • Extensive research and development team
      • Specialty ingredients



Aqua Puri Laboratories rests on a 4,500m2 factory in Pathumthani, Thailand, where it houses its research and development, production and manufacturing processes. The facility boasts of its 4 tons/ day capacity. On average, its monthly capacity is at 120 tons and can be expanded to support future growth.

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