Leaping Towards the Inner Sun

A Conversation with Wellness & Lifestyle Director Chalisa Viravan

Chalisa Viravan, a renowned Wellness & Lifestyle Director, offers a refreshingly grounded perspective. Recently invited to curate Leaping Towards the Inner Sun, a self-discovery retreat as part of our ETERNAL SUNSHINE campaign, Khun Nee advocates for a more holistic approach to well-being. Her philosophy centers on reconnecting with nature's most fundamental source of energy: the sun.

A playful connection

My connection to the sun started in elementary school, Khun Nee reminisces. Back then, my friends called me 'The Sun' because I wore my hair in a high ponytail, revealing my forehead. She adds with a playful glint in her eye, They'd tease me, saying it shone so brightly it hurt their eyes.


This playful connection, she reflects, was her first with the sun —a sense of oneness.

Beyond the golden rays

This early experience fostered a lifelong appreciation for the sun's influence.

The sun's position in the sky affects my mood, Khun Nee explains. Sunrise brings fresh energy for new beginnings, while the evening light offers a time for reflection.


Then, the cycle begins again, a rising, continuing, and disappearing, day after day.

This connection isn't just metaphorical. I need daily sunlight to feel mentally clear,

Sunshine, for her, has a powerful impact on our emotional well-being.

Khun Nee's positive outlook stems from a sunlit upbringing.

My mom, has been a true 'Sun-bearer' in my life, she beams.

Her humor and unwavering support have always been a source of warmth and light.


Bathed in the warmth of a sunlit upbringing, this foundation fueled by love and positivity resonates deeply with Khun Nee. After all, a nurturing and supportive environment creates its own kind of inner light, mirroring the warmth and constancy of the sun.

A light that never goes out

For Khun Nee, Eternal Sunshine isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a core belief.


It's a light fueled by love, truth, and stability —a light that burns forever within all of us.


This inner light, she emphasizes, transcends temporary happiness. As she puts it, It's a light that can stay bright no matter what. It's a source of constant strength and positivity, not just for ourselves but for those around us.

Life's challenges can sometimes dim our inner light, but Khun Nee is a firm believer in natural remedies. When feeling depleted, she turns to the restorative power of nature.

Feeling tired often means your energy is scattered, she explains. To recharge, I turn to nature, whether it's taking a trip to the forest or simply relaxing outdoors.


Specific practices are also part of her toolkit for rekindling inner light.  I enjoy gentle exercise, catching the morning sun, grounding myself by walking barefoot on grass or sand, and meditating at sunset.


Peace is the key. Being alone with nature is the best and fastest way to recharge my energy.

A Moment of Revelation

The transformative power of the retreat became particularly evident during a seemingly ordinary moment.

There was a moment, Khun Nee recalls, when the sun didn't appear as expected on the first day. It felt like a message. Finally, I understood.  This unexpected cloudy sky became a powerful lesson.

The sun taught me that even the greatest external light can't compare to the light within our hearts, she reflects.

“A heart that embraces the uncertainty of nature, finding its own inner light no matter the circumstances, is a heart that will always be filled with light.”

Khun Nee's journey is an inspiration for all of us to explore the Eternal Sunshine within.  By embracing the power of nature and nurturing our inner light, we can cultivate a sense of well-being that radiates outward, touching the lives of those around us.  The Eternal Sunshine campaign, she hopes, will be a catalyst for this self-discovery.  I want everyone to take the time to explore Eternal Sunshine, she concludes.

“Ultimately, I hope Eternal Sunshine inspires people to recognize the light within themselves and to know that they can always rekindle that spark.”

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