A Multisensorial Repository Of Holistic Wellness, Transforming Natural Purity Into Fragrant Healing Oils.


Inspired by the centuries-old palm scriptures of the Tamra Phra Osot Phra Narai, a Thai wellness pharmacopeia, PAÑPURI carefully presses herbs and flowers into essential and botanical oils, imbuing them with evocative and soothing fragrances.

Each elixir crafted by PAÑPURI oil artisans is blended to heal the body, mind, and soul with gentle efficacy, hand-sourcing ingredients.

Driven by a singular purpose for holistic wellness, PAÑPURI explores the art of olfactive storytelling, drawing inspiration from the fragrant oils of our ancestors, to soothe and heal the soul. The evocative scent creations embrace cherished memories and reveal inner imaginations to awaken the senses.


Bolstered by memories of his grandmother placing jasmine petals in earthen jars, founder Vorravit Siripark created the first Milk Bath & Body Massage Oil fragrance. SIAMESE WATER was crafted, centered around notes of jasmine. INDOCHINE soon followed, inspired by memories of home-cooked meals surrounded by the scent of lemongrass.

Each fragrant oil is a cherished memory blended with natural extracts to evoke and awaken the senses.


Artisanal oils carry the traditions of our ancestors, bringing forth memories of crushing herbs, roots, and flowers with wooden mortar and pestles, and retracing ancient sea and land routes to tell stories of our heritage.

Although ever-evolving, PAÑPURI returns again and again to the palm scriptures and rituals passed down through generations to study and learn the art of essential and botanical oils. The expertise with which our artisans craft new blends is both an homage to our ancestral heritage and to the innovation and evolution of PAÑPURI.

It is a timeless story that perpetually unfolds, as PAÑPURI continues to move forward in harmony with our past.

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