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Adds a touch of sophistication and scents any room

Inspired by the ripening lotus bud of the east, the Crystal Lotus Aroma Diffuser is designed to disperse scents into the air while imparting a luxurious ambiance with its sleek, cosmopolitan design. Can be used to freshen up any space or clear the mind from worldly impurities with the use of aromatic essential oils.


Turn on the diffuser and add about 90 ml of water followed by add 3-5 drops of essential oil. Close the lid and press the open button. It can be used continuously for 120 minutes and the machine will stop working automatically.

How to Use:
- Press the button once to keep the machine running continuously
- Press the button twice to set the time to spray aroma for 10 seconds and stop spraying for 20 seconds
- Press the button three times to turn off the machine

- Place the device about 10 cm away from walls, furniture or other devices
- Do not place the unit on carpets or towels
- Read the user manual carefully before use

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