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A ritual of serenity

THB 4,950


Breathe in serenity. Inspired by the Sacred Lotus Leaf, this diffuser transforms your space into a sanctuary of tranquility, harmonizing with nature's embrace.


In the delicate balance between dawn and dusk, where moonlight's tender touch awakens nature's embrace, the Sacred Lotus Leaf Electric Diffuser emerges as a sensory sonnet. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal form of the Sacred Lotus Leaf, it captures the essence of tranquil mornings and whispered evenings. As morning's first light graces the horizon, the Diffuser unfurls its fragrant mist—a ritual that harmonizes modernity with the embrace of nature. With each whisper of aroma, a symphony of serenity unfolds, inviting you to immerse in the gentle elegance of quiet reflections and timeless beauty. Effortlessly blending into your home, it becomes both a decorative cornerstone and a sensory oasis.


Remove the top cover and add water to the water tank until it reaches the RED maximum water marker. Avoid adding water beyond the RED maximum water marker to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Add 7-10 drops of your favorite PAÑPURI essential oils into the water tank. Reattach the top cover, ensuring proper alignment with the base. Plug the power adaptor into a power outlet. Press the mist button once to start the Diffuser; the default time is 2 hours. Press the mist button a second time for a 4-hour scent dispersion. Press the mist button a third time for an 8-hour intermittent scent dispersion (5 minutes on and 5 minutes off). Press the mist button for the fourth time to switch off the Diffuser.

Cautions: Avoid adding water beyond the RED maximum water marker to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Please thoroughly read the user's manual before use to prevent improper usage that could damage or deteriorate the Diffuser. The quality of water from different regions, room temperature, room humidity, and the choice of different essential oils may significantly affect the misting output and operation time, with a tolerance range of +/-15%.


Vegan, cruelty-free and without +2,300 questionable ingredients in our selection process for your peace of mind. Learn more about PAÑPURI ZeroList™ Standard.

Recyclable paper box. Printed with soy ink.

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